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Ten Things Every Child Needs

  • Interaction - consistent long-term attention from caring adults actually increases a child's capacity to learn.


  • Touch - Holding and cuddling does more than just comfort a baby, it helps your child's brain grow.


  • Stable Relationships - Relationships with parents and other caregivers buffer stress that can harm a child.


  • Safe, Healthy Environment - A Child's environment should be free from loud noise, sharp objects and other hazards.


  • Self-esteem - Self-esteem grows with respect, encouragement and positive role models from the beginning.


  • Quality Care - Daycare from trained professionals can make the difference when a parent cannot be with a child.


  • Play - Time to play helps a child explore his senses and discover how the world works.


  • Communication - Talking with a baby builds verbal skills needed to succeed in school and later in life.


  • Music - Exposure to music expands a child's world, teaches new skills and offers a fun way to interact with a child.


  • Reading - Reading to a child from the earliest days of life shows the importance of reading and creates a lifelong love of books.




Guest Speaker, Susan Menke White ~ Community Volunteer ~ addressed "Parenting Skills: What Works? What Doesn't Work?" Based on the video "10 Things Every Child Needs": Families learned new approaches and how to incorporate these ideas into a positive parenting experience.

To receive your own (DVD/VHS) copy of 10 Things Every Child Needs contact us today! MUST BE A DOOR COUNTY RESIDENT TO APPLY.


Click here to download PDF file: 10 Things Every Child Needs


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