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Door County Transportation Consortium

In an effort to address the transportation difficulties we find in our county, a group of concerned individuals, businesses and service organizations have joined together to form a Transportation Consortium to address this problem. Thanks to a generous grant from the Door County Community Foundation, Pam Busch , through the Women's Employment Project, has been hired to work with the Transportation Consortium to analyze and organize our current transportation that is available, determine what needs are not being met, suggest possible solutions to meet those needs and to better utilize the transportation that is currently available. The statement of "affordable, available and accessible transportation" sums up our mission as a whole.

If you need information for your transportation needs please call Pam at the Door-Tran phone numbers: (877) 330-6333 or (920) 743-9999.

Door County Transportation Options Program - financial assistance for transportation to work

The goal of this program is to get Door County residents to work with reliable and dependable transportation. We can help with car repairs, car purchase, gas or taxi vouchers, driver's education or simple adaptations to vehicles for individuals with disabilities. If you need any of these services please call Pam Busch at (920) 743-7273 or (800) 924-4191.

Pam Busch
Door County Job Center
1300 Egg Harbor Road, Suite 124
Sturgeon Bay WI 54235
(920) 743-6915

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