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What is a rebozo?

The rebozo is a traditional Mexican shawl that is long enough to wrap around a woman's body. (approximately 4 - 5 feet). The rebozo is a useful tool during  labor. It can be used to assist the mother into various positions and for relaxation.

What does a rebozo do?

When used by a Doula, the rebozo acts like an extension of your arms. It allows you to help support the laboring mother's weight so she doesn't have to. It can also help to ensure the mother is in the correct position.

How do I use a rebozo?

 The basic use of the rebozo for positioning is this:

  • Place the rebozo around the mother's body so the ends can be held by the Doula or Birth Partner. The rebozo will help support the mother's weight.

  • Allow the mother to lean slowly into her position while the Birth Team Member supports her by holding the ends of the rebozo.

Some sample rebozo techniques:

  • Place the rebozo over the top of the door frame or on the door handle. Have the mother hold on to the rebozo as she places herself into a squatting position. (This should not be attempted until baby is engaged in the pelvis)


  • Have the mother sit in an upright position. Place the rebozo so that it is under the mother's arms and goes over her chest. The Doula or Birth Partner stands behind the mother, holding the ends of the rebozo to support the mother's weight. The Birth Team Member can gently sway the mother from this position.


  • Have the mother get in a hands and knees position. Wrap the rebozo under the mother's belly and around her thighs so that the Doula can hold the ends above her. The Doula will gently sway the rebozo side to side.


  • Wrap the rebozo around the mother's eyes and ears, blocking and muffling incoming sights and sounds to help the mother relax. If the mother perfers - a lightly scented oil can be applied to the rebozo. Keep in mind that a mother's sences are hightened during the labor process and she may find the scents to be over powering.

Using a Rebozo during labor.

Using a Rebozo as your child grows.

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