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Breastfeeding Support of Door County


Babies are born to breastfeed!

Best for Baby! Best for Mom!

Struggling with breastfeeding?
Need support?

We have experienced successful breastfeeding mothers in our program who are interested and invested in providing the best choices for their children. They are willing to provide one-on-one and phone support during your breastfeeding experience.

Contact Kathy (559.0200) for assistance. We can also connect you with professionals in our area that can answer your questions and concerns.




Mommy's Little Breastfeeding Book: 101 tips your baby wants you to know about nursing! CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE SITE.

Breastfeeding Your Premature Baby



Click here to visit our "Baby Corner" Photo Album.

Giving Parents a Helping Hand.


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Door County Doula


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