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Eating Right

Maintaining good nutrition during pregnancy is one of the easiest and most effective ways you have of ensuring your baby's good health. By eating properly, you will give your baby the nutrition he or she needs.


Vitamins and Supplements During Pregnancy

Your healthcare professional may recommend that you take vitamin supplements during your pregnancy. There are many types of vitamins, so let your healthcare professional choose the ones that are appropriate for you.

What to Avoid During Pregnancy

Since you are carrying the precious beginning of a new life during the nine months of pregnancy, it is important to understand how your lifestyle and habits can affect the development of your baby.


Harmful Substances such as smoking, drinking alcohol, caffeine and chemicals like those found in inks, finishes, antifreeze and solutions used in electronics manufacturing.

High Temperatures include hot weather workouts and steam rooms, as well as saunas, hot tubs and whirlpools. Take care with electric blankets: if you use one to warm the bed, turn it off when you get in.

Radiation - exposure should be carefully monitored by your healthcare professional and dentist.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) - Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia and other diseases can have an adverse impact on your fetus. If you are at risk for STDs, use condoms, abstain from having sex, or have sexual relations that do not put you or your baby in jeopardy.

"Social" Drugs - Marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin and other social drugs all pass through the placenta and can seriously affect the baby.

Toxoplasmosis - is a disease you can get from cats, from eating raw meat or from drinking unpasteurized milk.

Changes in Your Body

Once your pregnancy is confirmed -- and maybe even before -- you will start to notice many changes in your body. These are normal responses to the increased hormone levels and are your body's way of preparing for both pregnancy and childbirth.

Working While Pregnant

If you plan to continue to work during your pregnancy, it is a good idea to tell your supervisor enough in advance so that you have adequate time to arrange for maternity leave and to train someone to cover your job.


The goals of exercise during pregnancy are to achieve and maintain good blood circulation, muscle tone, posture and lung capacity. Exercise should also be fun and relaxing.

Minimizing Fluid Retention

Normal fluid retention commonly causes swelling during pregnancy, especially in the feet and ankles.

Caring for Yourself and Your Baby During Pregnancy

Staying fit, healthy and happy during your pregnancy will help ensure that your baby is healthy and happy too.

Coping with Fatigue

You may feel tired in the early weeks of your pregnancy, or in the last few weeks when you are carrying so much additional weight.







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