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Music assisted birth encourages women to cope with labor and delivery without drugs, helping them to breathe properly, to focus their attention, and to create a unique and personal experience. The use of music may actually shorten labor for some women. Mothers face less anxiety and less pain during childbirth. They exhibit a deeper form of relaxation and concentration. Studies reflect a 50% reduction in the use of labor medications when music is used during the labor and birthing process. Women who choose to have an epidural can benefit from music by relaxing during the actual procedure, then for each stage of labor that follows. Caesarean section births can be assisted by personal music choices as well. It provides distraction from surgical procedures and decreases anxiety and stress.

  • During prenatal appointments: the expectant mother and her partner are provided opportunities to listen to and choose music to be used during each stage of labor. Together, with their doula's assistance, they are taught and allowed to practice various relaxation techniques. This "hands on" approach helps in establishing a comfortable relationship and a clearer understanding of the labor process in regards to her changing emotional and physical needs. At the same time, it allows her partner an opportunity to learn various relaxation techniques that will assist during their experience.


  • The expecting family will develop new skills in relaxation techniques using personal music selections that will complement their prepared childbirth method.
  • The mother will demonstrate ability to relax during the early stages of labor in order to conserve strength and energy needed later.
  • The mother will demonstrate ability to pattern her breathing during mid-labor, according to previously learned techniques. Patient will demonstrate stimulation and energy reflected in the high intensity music used during late labor.
  • The mother will demonstrate ability to cope with the difficulties and emotions of the transition stage of labor.
  • The mother will demonstrate energy and excitement of the delivery of the baby as it is facilitated by music.
  • The mother will be provided with a soothing and joyful atmosphere for the new family, together for the first time.

Ask your Doula about learning more information regarding music assisted birth and creating your individual birth plan.

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