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Door County Doula

Want to make a difference

for a family ?


Do It With Diapers!

  The Facts


* Diapers cost $100/month or more!


* Full time work at minimum wage grosses $825/month.


* Community/Government programs DO NOT cover diapers -

   not Food Stamps, not WIC.


* Large corporations DO NOT donate diapers unless you have

   a multiple birth (beyond twins).


* Cloth is not always an option. Childcare centers require

   parents to leave disposable diapers with their child. 


* Availability  to  washers and driers are often times limited.


* A normal infant uses up to 12 diapers/day: a normal toddler

   8/day. In low income households, a baby may be in a single

   diaper all day or longer, increasing the risk of health

   problems and skin diseases.

 * A baby crying non-stop from being in a soiled diaper for a

    prolonged time period is more likely to be abused.

 * Parents who can't afford $100/month to leave disposable

   diapers at childcare providers often leave the workforce until

   their child/ren are out of diapers. Childcare costs are

   subsidized, but there are NO subsidies for diapers!


Want to help our  community?


Do It With Diapers! 


 Our team members have a vision. Our hope for the future is to create a community where every person has her/his needs met. Our mission is to provide diapers to the young mothers and their families in Door County. We challenge you to make a difference. Donate today!


Drop off barrels have been provided at the following locations:



Hope United Church of Christ

141 S. 12th Ave

Sturgeon Bay
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
526 Louisiana
Sturgeon Bay
St. Peters Lutheran Church and School
108 West Maple
Sturgeon Bay
Kathy Tellstrom YAPS Director
Young Adult Parent Support Program
Private Residence
Sturgeon Bay



We have diapers available for pick up! Must be a YAPS member / Door County resident.
Contact Kathy at 559 - 0200.

Door County Diaper Drive is modeled after the Southern Arizona Community Diaper Bank.

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