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Door County Doula

Our Belief System

  Since the beginning of time women have been supported by other women during the birth of their children. For most of history the presence of men at the birth of their child(ren) was discouraged. Until about three hundred years ago physicians did not "treat" women in labor for this was the province of midwives. Today birth practices are very different from those of even one or two generations ago. Partners and family members are encouraged to participate and welcomed into birthing rooms.

  A relative newcomer to the birth room is the professional doula. A doula provides support and encouragement to the laboring woman and her partner. She provides continuous physical and emotional support and can suggest various techniques to facilitate labor progress. In addition, a doula can help the birth partners participate at their own comfort level. Her presence can complement nursing and medical procedures. A doula can help initiate breast feeding and facilitate bonding.

  There are numerous benefits to having continuous labor support from a trusted knowledgeable person. Benefits include reducing labor duration, a decrease in the need for Cesarean Births and increased satisfaction with the birth experience: all of which increase the potential for successful parenting.

  The members of My Helping Hands strive to make a difference during each birth experience. We view life as an amazing journey. Each childbirth experience should be treated with great respect and on an individual basis. Our goal is centered on educating women about their options and the birth process. We believe in empowering through understanding, with compassionate, knowledgeable alternatives that allow each woman to make her own birth choices. It is important to provide our clients with emotional, physical, psychological care during this time. Providing such a support system, not only for herself but also including her birth partner,helps them to find their own comfort and participation level.


  We believe this time in your life should be viewed as positive and memorable.We would like to help you achieve that goal. Support is essential. Allow us to support you throughout this incredible journey.

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